Review: S-Band (comedy web series)

S-Band, which follows the lives of staff and students at Northwood High School, is the archetypal web comedy series.

Made for just £400 and filmed over one week on the Isle of Wight, this smart five-part comedy brings plenty of genuine laughs as viewers are taken through a day in the life of the “S-Band”, a class for students with behavioural issues.

Forced to “buddy up” for the day with students with whom they wouldn’t normally associate, the S-banders each go on a personal journey, and find out a little more about themselves.

Whether it be school bully Stacey (who is a boy, by the way) pairing up with the over-enthusiastic Matt, or teenage mum Destiny spending the day with the somewhat disturbingly quiet Anna-Rosa, the odd-couple match-ups provide plenty of ammunition for a the genuinely hilarious script.

And if you think the students are dysfunctional, take a look at the staff. The well-meaning but ultimately spineless Mr Thorogood leads us through events (it’s his idea to buddy-up the kids), which include a potential romance between emotional divorcee Miss Grey and psychotic PE teacher Mr Barrett and a scandalous story involving the former headteacher and a now-dead hamster.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the series looks so professional, and is so well-written. The writing and directing is all the work of Hannah George, whose other writing credits include contributions to the Sky sit-com Trollied, and work on Miranda Hart’s live show.

It’s inevitable that S-Band will be compared to other school sitcoms such as Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education, and Big School (which stars David Walliams and Catherine Tate, who of course featured schoolgirl “Lauren” in her popular sketch show).

However, such comparisons are not required. S-Band is a smart, well-written and – most importantly – incredibly funny series which more than holds its own.

Here’s episode one (you’ll find the other four on YouTube):

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Excellent Smart, punchy comedy. A polished script and engaging performances make for an incredibly enjoyable mini-series. Highly recommended.

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