When song parodies are better than the originals

What happens when you add a vintage genre to a modern recognisable song with a super talented cast to perform it? Then what happens if you give quirky videos of it away for free?

Given how easy it is to avoid paying for content, with streaming services, such as YouTube provided for free, it’s interesting to see artists who are nailing the conversion from free view, to paid download to live punter.

Not strictly comedy, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is everything a comedy song parodist should be – and look what they can do. This version of the Celine Dion sickbucket classic, is simply awesome. Change the style, add some talented artists, fix the boring bits in the song’s structure and chords, and you end up with something greater than the sum of its parts.

If this band had been on the Titanic, they would be have been quickly shepherded to the lifeboats to preserve them.

This group has a very active YouTube channel, with some treasures in there, including a smoking Guns and Roses and a cool, laid back, Megan Traynor number. Enjoy.

If you want to see them live, then visit postmodernjukebox.com. They’re in Europe right now, but hopefully will return to the UK scene in the near future.


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