Comedy tweets of the day – 13 April 2016

We will look to make this a fairly regular thing, since there are so many hilarious comedians out there tweeting really funny stuff.

Here are a few that caught our eye today!

This, from Rob Beckett, was particularly apt today, given a story from Private Eye about the Mail on Sunday, which has been doing the rounds today, shared here by comedy writer Graham Linehan:

Also in the news today…

And on a lighter note, Bethany Black has been writing some tunes….

(By the way, Bethany features in our series on comedians who have been in Doctor Who).

Finally, although “MarcusLepage” might not be a comedian in the official sense of the word, he definitely deserves some column inches for this joke, which was seven years in the making – which has been the talk of Twitter today.

In April 2009 (yes, two thousand and NINE), he tweeted this:

And, yesterday – after seven years of sending absolutely no more tweets whatsoever, he tweeted this:

… and then followed up with:

Who knows when we’ll hear from him next.  April 2023? Now that’s comic timing.

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