Review: Joe Lycett’s 15 second interviews (web series)

Some jokes get better through repetition and Joe Lycett’s one-note web series depends rather heavily on that.

On the one hand this is a lot of fun, with such celebrities as Jimmy Carr, Danny Dyer and Britain’s Got Talent voiceover man, Peter Dickson, all getting the treatment. On the flip side, this is like a box of identical hand-crafted chocolates – if you eat too many all at once, you really won’t feel the benefit.

Ration yourself, it’s a silly concept and it’s played for all it’s worth. Filmed on Joe’s iPad (probably) as a sort of weird moving selfie, this series is worth keeping in mind for when you need a few seconds of amusement in between meals.

The Jimmy Carr edition is here:

Peter Dickson can be found, with Joe Lycett stealing his thunder, here:

A rather picturesque David O’Doherty episode is here:

And there’s a playlist, starting with Harry Hill, in case you want to watch them all together. Warning – may contain the same joke in lots of different contexts:

You an find all the episodes on Lycett’s YouTube channel.

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