Mitch Benn – Don’t Believe a Word tour (and why you should go)

If you’re not familiar with comedian and musician Mitch Benn, then wake up!

He’s one of the stalwart contibutors to radio comedy from the last 20 years, having written and performed vast swathes of musical comedy for a variety of radio programmes, most notably The Now Show.

He also, more to the point, featured in our piece on why musical comedy is alive and well.

Benn is a prolific song writer and powerhouse performer. His last few touring and solo radio shows have been theme-driven, including shows on The Beatles, David Bowie, Science Fiction and weightloss.

Each show comes from his own interest in a subject, and with his current touring show – Don’t Believe A Word – Benn has hit on a subject which he can’t not talk about.

The idea of being trapped in a room for a couple of hours while a man heartily tirades you with a treatise on skepticism may not, at first, appeal. It is this moniker that Benn has attached to his belief system, though, so rather than spouting a received point of view, he’s going to offer reasoned debate.

Moreover, he’s going to do it with songs – many songs, probably – and he’s going to make it interesting.

One of Benn’s strongest skills as a performer is to allow a well crafted piece to stand on its own merits, rather than have to dilute everything down to the most crowd-pleasing easy laugh. It takes a huge amount of confidence to deliberately do something in a comedy show that’s not intended to cause mirth, and a huge amount of skill to bring the audience in for the next big laugh when the time is right.

With his no-nonsense approach to the subject, the material and the process of putting on a show, you’re in safe hands with Mitch Benn. He’s going to rant. He’s going to know that he’s ranting and prepare you for that. He’s going to be funny in spades with it.

There’ll be songs, characterisations, remarkably clear points distilled into an unassailable argument, and a huge dose of atheist rationalism.

Mitch Benn’s tour dates and gigs can be found on his website.

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