Paul McCaffrey hits the Brighton Fringe 2016

Paul McCaffrey has been rising up the ranks of the comedy circuit over the last few years and is definitely on our list of comedians to watch.

And you’re in luck! He’s visiting one of our favourite Fringe venues in Brighton – The Caroline of Brunswick – to premiere some work in progress material. As it’s a show of new material that’s not happened yet, we haven’t a hope in hell of reviewing it, so let’s look forward to it together, shall we?

Paul is a terribly likeable but equally irascible fellow. You can see him in full flow on Russell Howard’s good news here:

McCaffrey makes this sort of thing look easy. He makes finely crafted storytelling look natural and spontaneous, yet underpinning his material is a keen eye for comic phrasing, rhythm, and the fascinating conflicts of real life.

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Not really old enough to be a real grumpy old man, McCaffrey isn’t frightened to channel his inner Victor Meldrew as he tells stories of unhelpful local government officials, or illogical modern living.

If you get a chance to see his show (18th and 19th May and 1st and 2nd June), then it will be time well spent. If not, then watch out for him. His website is here (which is where our main image is from) and he’s on twitter @paulmccaffreys.

More on the Brighton Fringe 2016 here


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