The real winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

The late Terry Wogan has been proved slightly wrong. He always said that you can’t send up Eurovision because it’s already too silly.

If we’ve learned anything from the last few years of stiff presenters and silly earnest staging it’s that breaking this – Wogan’s first law, if you like – is a very very bold move for a production team. Somehow the rule has been successfully broken in one of the finest pieces of musical comedy we’ve seen this year.

Taking the premise of using all elements of a successful Eurovision song to make the ultimate concoction, the presenters of this year’s show, Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw, delivered a piece that many musical comics will have looked on in awe.

Enjoy it here:

This is the sort of thing we might have expected from Mitch Benn or on sketch shows as Smack The Pony or Not The Nine O’clock News.

The Swedish team who put this together should be very proud of themselves. For this to be part of the Eurovision show itself makes it somehow funnier… like Ghostwatch doing a segment on how dust in the lenses can look like orbs, or how all psychics are faking it.

At least douze points from us. Let’s stay in Europe!

Of course, Eurovision has been milked for comic effect before, and it is not a comedian, but a former BritPop icon who can lay claim to two of the best send-ups.

Neil Hannon, the man behind the band The Divine Comedy, has two claims to fame in this area. First, did you know he was the writer behind the famous Eurovision entry on Father Ted (well, he wrote the music – Graham Lineman and Arthur Mathews wrote the words, we presume).

That’s not Hannon’s only pop at Eurovision though. He recorded this next track for the BBC when charged with writing the most Eurovision-y song possible. Did he achieve it? Well, see for yourself.

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