Comedians in podcasts about comedy…with comedians

It used to be that everyone thought they had a book in them. Now it seems that every comedian has a podcast in them. Here are a clutch of comedy podcasts about comedy, made by comedians and featuring other comedians.

Comedians Telling Stuff

The brainchild of award-winning Danish Comedian Sophie Hagen (Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer 2015 and Chortle Best Newcomer 2014), Comedians Telling Stuff is ostensibly an interview podcast. There’s a twist. In each episode, several comedians answer the same question. In the next episode, the comedians stay the same but the questions change. Neat.

Have a listen here, or visit the site.

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Ask The Industry

Curated by comedian Simon Caine, this podcast is a study of how the comedy industry works, fascinating for fans and performers alike. In each episode, Caine interviews an expert from the industry, to find out how to get ahead in the business called show.

Here’s episode 50 with Graham Smith.¬†For a full listening experience, with show notes, visit the podcast’s page.


The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

Worth a feature in its own right, this is THE podcast to find out how comedians tick and how their creative processes work.

Hosted by the debonair comedy nerd Stuart Goldsmith, with a staggering line-up of well known and worth-listening to acts from across the world, this podcast started over four years ago with a very enlightening chat with Rob Deering.

Since then Stuart has perfected the art of dissecting the comedian’s craft and has had delightful conversations with the likes of Ross Noble, Jimmy Carr and podcast harlot Richard Herring. The passion that Goldsmith has for the subject as well as his own insight into it, make this a very listenable show.

Here’s episode 166 with Abigoliah Schamaun. Please visit for more.

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