Gotta love a pun! 17 pun-tastic tweets

We’ve already looked at some of the best pun-makers in the business, and it’s inspired us to look for the best jokes on Twitter that celebrate the art of a good pun.

If you do Twitter, then follow these funny punny twits!

Very good point Tony. Who guards the guards, eh?

That shouldn’t be as funny as it is!

This may well be the tweet of the year!

Boom boom Hayley. Boom boom!

With these puns you are spoiling us.

A mere trifle from the master of puns there.


That’s not technically a pun. Ok it’s not a pun at all. But it is funny.

Nail on the head there mate. Nail on the head.

Two concepts that do not belong together. Thank you Craig!

It’s a zinger!

From @lewisbryan ‘s #dailypun hashtag.

Groan! 🙂

I love it when a pun comes together!

So few words, so perfectly done!

So many more words. So much effort. Gotta love Tim Vine – he’s a tryer!

An instant classic.

If this kind of thing makes you chuckle, then you must check out Bec Hill’s wonderful PunRun gig. Oh, and please follow ShowSpot on Twitter


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