Standard Issue: 8 comedian-written articles you should read now

Standard Issue Magazine was founded by comedian Sarah Millican as an antidote to the conventional media that is aimed at women.

You know the sort of thing. Buy a women’s magazine for a bit of fun and distraction. Have said magazine take your self-image to pieces and make it all about gender stereotypes and body image worries. Feel more miserable and strangely fascinated by Victoria Beckham’s armpit sweat.

Rinse and repeat.

What makes Standard Issue so great is that it’s just people writing about interesting things. Female people. Many of whom are comedians.

Here are a few recommended articles.

Sarah Millican on Thelma and Louise

Founder of Standard Issue magazine and one of the nation’s favourite comedians, Sarah knows her film. You don’t get to be a great comic writer and performer without knowing your way around a script. Thelma and Louise inspired her. See why here.

Sooz Kempner on the smoking ban

What fills the inner thoughts of every woman? Why it’s the latest policy to drop out of Nigel Farage’s UKIP chops.

In this piece, Sooz recounts the days before the smoking ban and why it’s actually a good thing, no matter what the jingoistic nutters may think.

Rachel Parris on orgasms

A comedian talking about sex? Who would have thought it? Oh, she’s speaking honestly about the taboos that stifle one’s development… that’s actually rather impressive. Read her account here.

Sian Bevan on being made to wear high heels

Comedian and writer Sian Bevan makes herself at home knocking back the mansplainers on the issue of whether a woman should be forced to wear high heels for work.

She makes the provocative comments of male journalists on the subject look like the irrelevant heckles of a bunch of drunken stags at a comedy club. A cracking read.

Hannah Dunleavy on US politics

Deputy editor of Standard Issue, journalist and stand-up comedian Hannah Dunleavy takes no prisoners in her regular column. Choosing to take down Trump in this edition.

Susan Calman on Victoria Wood

The world of comedy was hugely moved when we lost Victoria Wood. While tributes poured in (ourselves included) from fans, there were some whose lives were more affected. Scottish comedian

Susan Calman, who regularly appears in live shows and on Radio 4, shares how Victoria Wood inspired her.

Sarah Ledger on tantrums (toddlers’, not hers)

Sarah Ledger has been a comedian but is presently between gigs. She remains a very witty writer and has a few choice words to share in this piece on how parenthood is never as easy as people make out.

Debra-Jane Appleby

Comedian, actor and “guilty feminist” Debra-Jane Appleby likes comic books – often wrongly assumed to be just for the pleasure of nerdish men.

While the artform has been showing increasing depth in its representation of women, it still has a long way to go. In this piece, she talks about whether a woman’s place is in the fridge.

This is just a slice…

There’s more to Standard Issue than just its comedian writers, but it is giving a platform for female comedians to work in a medium which really suits them.

Feminism has been accused of criticising society’s norms without providing any alternative. Standard Issue deals with its feminist outlook in a totally positive way.

By providing a platform for funny and interesting people to write funny and interesting things, and providing something fresh and creative to its audience, this magazine and its brilliant cohort of contributes are being the change they want to see in the world.

To be honest, that’s not been “standard issue” before now.

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