What has Richard Herring ever done for us?

Yeah, he’s won awards, been on TV a bit, made a bunch of podcasts and stuff, but what has Richard Herring ever done for us, the general public?

Well there was Lionel Nimrod’s Inexplicable World…

What? The two series Radio 4 comedy in which him and Stewart Lee defined a genre of documentary-style sketch comedy? Well, there is that, but where did that lead us?

You can download Lionel Nimrod’s Inexplicable World from here on fistoffun.net. And you should!

What about Fist of Fun?

Their successful Radio 1 follow up? or the two TV Series, in which they introduced us to Kevin Eldon titting about as Rod Hull? So what about them? I bet they never even released them as a DVD.

They did, actually.

Oh, and the radio series are available from fistoffun.net too.

That’s all well and good, but what else has Herring done?

What about This Morning with Richard Not Judy?

Another TV outing, based on their Fringe show of the same name, which brought comic antics to Sunday mornings and introduced us to Trevor Lock, eh? I suppose that’s on DVD too?

Nope. Something went wrong with their contract negotiations with the BBC and the best you can do if you want to see it is watch it online like everybody else.

So what else has Herring ever done for us? So far this is just a roll call of his time in the double act with Stewart Lee. Didn’t he do anything on his own?

Well, there are his Edinburgh Fringe Solo Shows…

What? You mean (among others):

  • Richard Herring is Fat
  • Christ on a Bike
  • Talking Cock
  • Someone Likes Yoghurt
  • The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace
  • Menage a Un
  • The Headmaster’s Son
  • Oh Fuck I’m 40
  • Hitler Moustache
  • We’re All Going To Die
  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?
  • Lord of the Dance Settee
  • Happy Now?

and I’m pretty sure one or two of them weren’t just in Edinburgh…

Yes, and you can buy them in various forms from www.gofasterstripe.com including a ten show compilation.

And what about his solo radio outings?

You mean TWTTIN? That Was Then This Is Now for Radio 2? That wasn’t solo. He was in it with Emma Kennedy, Christian Reilly and Dan Testell?

The same Emma Kennedy, Christian Reilly and Dan Tetsell who were also in As It Occurs To Me his ground breaking podcast?

Yes. The ones that make TWTTIN not solo!

There was Richard Herring’s objective.

Ok. That was solo, but it wasn’t exactly the big time. Where has Richard Herring reached out to the masses?

What about his daily blog?

Warming up? Who reads that these days, Granddad!

Ok then, his Metro Column…

Well, there is that…

…and a massive phalanx of Podcasts…

Ok, the podcasts are good. I hear AIOTM is coming back.

Yes they advertised for a kickstater…

…and it’s going to have another series.

Yeah, and the Leicester Square Theatre Podcast is awesome.

Including the Stephen Fry one:

Ok. So there are the radio shows, the TV shows, the solo shows, the podcasts and blogs and columns. But what else has Richard Herring ever done for us?

There are his books

Sod off.

No, you sod off.

Ok. There are his books, including How Not To Grow Up and Talking Cock.

Basically, though, you have to admit that he’s virtually done nothing for us.

Apart from the International Women’s Day thing…

Oh, where he corrects all the men whining about International Women’s Day about there being no International Men’s Day.

Which there is.

So what else has he done for us?


No, not ah! Enough!

Richard Herring is currently touring or podcasting or something like that. You can find out details of his gigs on his gigs page.

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