One to watch: Harriet Kemsley (and Women’s News)

Starting in 2011 when she won Funny’s Funny, Harriet Kemsley has carved an interesting niche for herself on the comedy circuit.

She’s quite daft and energetic on stage, with a style that seems deliberately non-threatening and self-effacing. Here she is at the Komedia in 2015:

It’s all light harmless stuff. There’s insight in there, but it’s a bit like she’s wrapped it in bubble wrap.

So far, so good. Kemsley’s been up to something, though. Women’s News!

In essence, Kemsley’s turned her attention to hard-hitting feminist comment. She’s managed to do this with her sense of the absurd on full blast. It’s a hoot!

So far there are three episodes of this web series, released monthly. In episode 3, Kemsley shows how far she’s prepared to go to make a point!

We think Kemsley’s awesome and we hope you like her too. Watch out for her. She’s also appearing at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 in her show The Girl on the Wrong Train.

Main image from Kemsley’s website.


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