Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016: Samantha Baines interview

Samantha Baines really likes Cox. Professor Brian Cox, that is.

She likes him to the extent that her Edinburgh show, 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox, is all about her attempt to impress him by learning lots of stuff about physics.

You can buy tickets here (and you should, too). It’s on at the Pleasance from 3 – 29 August.

We sent some questions her way to find out a bit more about her show, what she thinks of the Fringe, and her biggest challenge in the world of comedy.

Describe what the Edinburgh Festival means to you in no more than three sentences.

Lots of amazing people and performances in one rather marvellous place. Seeing someone step on your face after they’ve ¬†dropped your flyer on the floor. Answering questions in no more than three sentances.

How many fringes have you done?

About seven!

What’s your top tip for surviving Edinburgh?

Strong ankles and several grades of rain protection.

Do you think comedy acts feel they “have” to do Edinburgh or they won’t be taken seriously? Can the pressure take the fun out of it?

Edinburgh is a sort of rite of passage for comedians so in some ways you need to do it at least once. There is a lot of pressure on your Edinburgh show but we have like one tonne of air pressing down on us the whole time – yay physics – so humans are used to a bit of pressure.

There is low pressure in space but not many comedians do shows there.

Why did you get into comedy and how long have you been doing it?

I have been acting (playing mainly comedy roles) for over seven years and have been lucky to be part of some fab productions like Call the Midwife, A Royal Night Out, Sunny D and upcoming Netflix series The Crown.

I was also in a sketch group called Vinegar Knickers for three years and we did a couple of Edinburgh Fringe shows and had such a laugh together. I had always wanted to try stand up but didn’t feel brave enough, one day I just thought “what am I waiting for?” and gave it a go.

Three and a half years later and here I am!

How much of what we see on stage is you, how much is an onstage persona?

I think I am pretty much me on stage, I share things that are important to me in real life and do silly voices like in real life. I guess on stage I am like Sam after a lot of caffeine, at a lunging based work-out class where I got to write things down before I said them.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I own a car but I can’t drive.

Your show’s called 1 Woman, A Dwarf Planet and 2 Cox. What’s it about, and why should we come along?

The show is about my love/fancy/lust for physicist Brian Cox, so I am learning about the universe to impress him but I hit some sexism sized speed bumps along the way.

You should come because it would be nice to meet you all and because I’d like to make you giggle and you’ll learn some useful space facts for quizzes.

What’s been your biggest success and your biggest challenge in the world of comedy?

My biggest success was probably winning the What the Frock Best Newcomer Award 2015 and being a Funny Women Finalist 2014, but personally my biggest success has been writing this hour show which I care about and has been a huge challenge.

My biggest challenge in comedy has been dealing with the sexism (*features in the show klaxon*) but I have also met some wonderful supportive people along the way.


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