Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016: Lazy Susan interview

We saw Lazy Susan at a fundraiser in London hosted by Pappy’s last year, and it’s safe to say we thought they were fantastic.

Lazy Susan is, in fact, two people: Celeste Dring and Freya Parker. They were nominated for Best Newcomers at the 2014 Edinburgh Comedy Award for their debut show, Extreme Humans.

Their 2016 Edinburgh show is called Crazy Sexy Fool, and you can see it at the Pleasance Courtyard from t 2-29 August (not 15). Buy tickets here!

We sent a few questions their way…

Describe what the Edinburgh Festival means to you in no more than three sentences.

A clown filled bubble that we enter and then emerge, elated and destroyed one month later.

How many fringes have you done?

Three as Lazy Susan, five if you include acting in bad plays!

What’s your top tip for surviving Edinburgh?

Just do the show.

Do you think comedy acts feel they “have” to do Edinburgh or they won’t be taken seriously? Can the pressure take the fun out of it?

You can’t deny the fact that the whole industry decamps to the festival every year. Doing the festival has definitely opened doors for us so not sure about the ‘taken seriously’ factor if you don’t do it.

The pressure can be overwhelming but that’s all part of the game.

Why did you get into comedy and how long have you been doing it?

We had booked out a venue to do some extremely serious theatre but it quickly became clear that that wasn’t a goer so we did some sketches instead.

We’ve been going about three years.

How much of what we see on stage is you, how much is an onstage persona?

60% / 40%.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

(Freya): I hate aniseed.

Your show: What’s it about, and why should we come along?

Two fools being crazy and sexy for your viewing pleasure. Plus – it’s funny as fuck, mate!

What’s been your biggest success and your biggest challenge in the world of comedy?

We were nominated for Best Edinburgh Newcomer a couple of years ago and also got to do the Melbourne Comedy Festival which was pretty sweet.

Biggest challenge – trying to win the Newcomer award in the subsequent years we’ve been up.

Pic credit: Bobby Goulding


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